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It's been a few days since I've posted anything. I've been busy filling orders and preparing more kits for the stores that are selling them for me. 

The idea to sell kits came to me last September as I was mailing out materials to my customers. I figured if I can mail materials, why not just package them up and make a "kit" to place in stores? So...I approached a couple of the stores that I hold trunk shows at and asked if they would sell my kits. To my amazement, they said yes! 

My kits sell for $10 in the stores. They come with an order sheet for the customer to fill out and mail back to me with payment for the charm they purchased. Super easy and it works! My kits can be found at: Tula Ru, Agana Baby, Mabels (Carlsbad), and Style Child. I'm hoping to expand my store presence in the near future. Know of any stores I should approach??

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