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Ashley's Prints with Love

Ashley's Prints with Love is a memorial to my friend, Zoe's niece, Ashley Nova Heffington, who passed away on January 12, 2010 at the age of 9. I gave the gift of her thumb print in silver to her family. Now her family is giving that gift to others. Please help us give a precious memory to parents who have lost a child in the Pediatric ICU or Oncology Ward at Rady Children's Hospital (San Diego). 

I donate my time but we still need money for the supplies. If you would like to donate money, please contact Zoe at: [email protected]. These charms allow parents to keep their child close to their heart when they are no longer with us on Earth. We give each family 2 charms. 

To date, we have provided over 150 families with charms of their loved ones.